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Terri Cook entered the Kingdom in 1995 after a couple of failed attempts to be a good Christian. She finally discovered Jesus and He has taken her on a wild ride since. Terri owns Teachware of Oklahoma, Inc which licenses software from Adobe© and Microsoft© to schools and 501c3 public charities. (So y’all check out the deals at www.teachware.com.)

Teaching is her gift. Not something she wanted to do, but, God… The redemptive gifts and principles introduced to Terri by Arthur Burk have changed her life. She loves to share the redemptive gifts teaching because they can make such a difference in life.

"Jesus woke me up and I will be forever grateful to Him for pursuing me for so very long."

Terri has been married for 32 years to the same wonderful man. He helps keep her on track with his prophetic gift and sharp wit.