About the Glory Barn

Beyond Restoration Ministries began as a house church in the home of Norma Johnson, as a result of a prophetic word. Norma was led to begin the ministry by opening her home to those in need of prayer, healing, deliverance, and knowledge of the Word of God. Twice a week, meetings were held in her living room, beginning in January of 2005, until she remodeled "The Barn" on her property, and moved the meetings to the small building in 2006. In these two places, many miracles occurred! Healings of all types (physical, emotional, spiritual) occurred, and people's lives were transformed in a powerful way. Many from our group have been sent out to fulfill their own destinies to minister and to equip other groups with what they learned and experienced.

"The Barn" brought greater opportunity for praise and worship, which opened a portal over us where God poured even more into us. Some of the meetings held there were nothing short of miraculous. Many times we eagerly anticipated the next meeting, just to feel the presence of our Lord which was revealed so strongly in that building. The prophetic gift manifested in a strong way, and many people's lives were changed dramatically. Circumstances shifted. Relationships were healed. Bodies were restored and healed. Lives were
changed. God moved, in a mighty way!

In 2011, Norma built a new, larger building we now occupy and call "The Glory Barn". We are now able to worship God in a larger space and welcome His presence with prophetic dance, flags, music and worship. Norma delivers powerful messages and prophetic words, as well as instructive teaching. Terri Cook also teaches regularly and brings in-depth knowledge with her gift, which increases our understanding and brings us closer to God. We continue to see healings, lives transformed, and to listen to and hear from God regularly. We allow all the gifts of the spirit to manifest as we worship and praise God, drawing ever nearer to His wonderful presence. Join us! We welcome you to come and experience the presence of our Lord. 

The Glory Barn is part of Beyond Restoration Ministries, a 501(c)3 IRS Determined public charity. All contributions are tax-deductible.