Words Cindy Jacobs | Johnny Enlow

These words are designed to help us understand what is happening during the next few months. There will be great exposure of things in government, business and media. We are praying God's plan will prevail and truth will shine.

Swamp Wars | Cindy Jacobs

As I was praying for the nation today, I had a vision of a swamp being drained. However, as it was emptying, there were a number of "swamp creatures" that became visible. There were alligators and poisonous snakes, among others.
Suddenly, a big war began over the remaining "swamp water". The creatures began to turn on each other for territory.
Then, I saw swamp hunters aggressively wade into the mix. The battle was horrific and the hunters suffered injury, but they continued fighting on.
The interpretation of this is that the situation in Washington is going to heat up even more! It is going to get vicious. It will heat up until it will seem difficult to see what is really happening.
I realized this vision was given to me to encourage us, as intercessors for the nation, to have the courage to aggressively fight for righteousness! More things that are hidden are going to come to light. Some of the "swamp creatures" are going to turn on each other.
More exposures are coming. We need to pray for those who are fighting for what is right in Washington. When you see the swamp war getting more vicious, press in deeper in intercession— it is a sign that progress is being made!

Hang On for 3 Months of Needed Exposures | Johnny Enlow

Beginning April 4th and going until July 4th we will see the next tsunami effect on our nation from the Trumpquake that God has redemptively unleashed onto our nation. 
I saw a vision of a huge lid over a pit of toxic waste being lifted off -and the stench and fumes being quite intense. 
I believe this represents hidden darkness in government, in business and in media being exposed as the preliminary step towards coming reformation to all three areas. 
Your prayers and decrees in agreement with the immense army of angels assigned to this task will make this even more effective. 
Hoards of hell have protected purveyors of high level darkness involved in all sorts of tawdry acts and deeds and it is now time for that cover to be blown. 
It will not make for a pretty sight but it is a needed step in the overall throngs of reformation that are now gripping our nation. 
In the name of Jesus I decree that the protected darkness will now lose its cover. Mighty angels fight on with new intensity and new ferocity. Kingdom come!

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