Word from Karla Craft

I feel a "smoothing out" of your road in the next few days. While there has been much turbulence for many of you, now you will come into a soft landing and a time of quiet before the storm of activity in the new realm.

While the month of October brought a surprise for a lot of people, November had a womb effect and December has been an intense birthing of the new, these last few days of 2016 are a sigh of relief as the bumpiness transitions into smoother sailing.

Give Him your expectations for the upcoming year. I promise, they're not large enough. Lol I exhort you to be childlike in your sense of adventure and curiosity. You have NEVER been this way before and you will be surprised! In two years, your life will look completely different IF you will yield the reins to Him and not try to control things and people as you have done in the past. He is moving in a manner we have not seen and it is on a massive scale.

Keep moving forward - there is no backward direction because He has sealed shut the revolving doors (of the past) behind you.

Note to those who are feeling frustrated as you continue to read prophetic words coming forth on social media: I can hear in the Spirit your anguish as you ask why these things don't seem to be happening for you. Every one of us is on a specific journey of development and assignment on various schedules.

Therefore, not every word pertains to you at a particular time. Also, we are in relationship with Christ enjoying intimacy with Holy Spirit. One of the benefits of this is ability to have a "knowing" what He is saying to us and when. Remember also, that we must cooperate and believe, which makes some words conditional.

God is GOOD and He IS bringing GOOD to your life even when you feel blindfolded. Discern your own timing and see with spiritual 20/20 vision. It's a stellar new year!


Karla Craft
Post from Facebook 12-28-16

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