Trump Quake! What's Next? by Johnny Enlow

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We would like to encourage you to read and pray through this word from Johnny Enlow. In fact both Norma and I have printed it for future reference. Times are changing and we are going to see great things!


Johnny Enlow - "Trump Quake! What's Next?" 

God Has Intervened

With the election of Donald J. Trump, the United States and the world itself has just experienced a global-rattling earthquake, which will release tsunami waves of reformation changes for some time. No matter who wins elections, God remains King at all times and this time, because He is King, He chose and voted in the man of His choice.

In the matrix of the spirit realm, as He placed Trump into power, He also released unprecedented wave after wave of the hosts of Heaven. These heavenly hosts have heavily damaged three major principalities over government, media, and the economy – and will continue to do so. The principalities were conspiring and doing everything in their power to sabotage this political result. They are not afraid of Trump's righteousness, but rather they're afraid of the size of the heavenly army they see moving in synchronicity with him.

In this day it's important for all of us to understand that this is not about politics. It's not about left or right. It's not about our favorite political issue or our debates over the character or lack of it in "our candidate." This is about recognizing that God has intervened in the affairs of man and learning to agree with Him.

Trump has been anointed with an Isaiah 45, Cyrus anointing to break down the enemy's mafia-like stronghold on the mountains of government, media and economy. As our 45th President, he will "strip kings of their armor, level the mountains, break down the double gates of resistance and cut through iron doors" (see Is. 45). He will also be given access to treasures and riches stored in secret places. 

Posted on Elijah List - December 6, 2016 - This is the first portion of the word - Click link below to read the entire article

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