Casting Pearls before Swine

Don’t give holy things to depraved men. Don’t give pearls to swine! They will trample the pearls and turn and attack you. Matthew 7:6 TLB

We must take care to whom we share our treasures. A pearl is something which means something to you as an individual. It can be a revelation from Father. He may share insight on a scripture or give you a dream. He may share one of His plans with you. These are treasures, pearls. We get very excited over our pearls. They are important to us and we see great value in them.

And we sometimes share these pearls with those who don’t see their value.

When sharing that special something with another person, please keep in mind, they may not ‘get it.’ They may not see the value you see. They may not understand how deeply it touched you or answered your heart’s question. It is not the other person’s fault, it just is not a treasure to them.

They may devalue your pearl.

When others don’t see the value of your treasure, they may ridicule you for placing value on it. Since they don’t see the pearl or treasure as anything special, they may turn on you and degrade your pearl. This can cause you to question the value you initially placed on the pearl. This can cause damage to your faith. Words from an unkind and unthinking person can poke holes in your faith and cause you to lose the value you placed on your pearl and you may stop seeing it as a treasure.

God is relational. He desires to have a one on One relationship with each of us. He is big enough to accomplish this. In our relationship He shares things with us. An example is found with Mary Jesus’ mother:

All who heard the shepherds’ story expressed astonishment, but Mary quietly treasured these things in her heart and often thought about them. Luke 2:18-19 TLB

Mary heard all that was spoken concerning her newborn. She kept them as treasures in her heart and thought about them. It seems she didn’t speak of them but just treated them as a treasure between her and His Father.

We are often too quick to share something Father has given us. Even healing can be shared before it is established in our lives, before we fully believe it happened. Many have lost healings because they shared too quickly before the seed planted was established. Faith is grown and we must take care not to let it be uprooted by those who don’t see our treasures as valuable.

We all need to be accountable to others. However our accountability needs to be with those who love us for who we are and see us as unique. We are not all the same as reflected in the analogy of the Body of Christ, each with a differing position in that body.

Remember, we don’t have to tell everything we hear from Father. Some things we need to treasure in our own hearts as pearls given from God. It will grow faith in the relationship and in the Person of God. He will let you know when and with whom to safely share these special treasures.

Katherine Brush commented on 09-Dec-2016 09:13 AM
This was a great reminder to keep her pearls to ourselves until it's time Thank you 💞

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